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Information on this page has been linked to actual HIPAA rules as published on the U.S Government Publishing Office.

Please click on the contents below to read actual HIPAA Rule.

Title 45Subtitle ASubchapter C → Part 164


Subpart A—General Provisions

§164.102   Statutory basis.
§164.103   Definitions.
§164.104   Applicability.
§164.105   Organizational requirements.
§164.106   Relationship to other parts.

Subpart B [Reserved]

Subpart C—Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic Protected Health Information

§164.302   Applicability.
§164.304   Definitions.
§164.306   Security standards: General rules.
§164.308   Administrative safeguards.
§164.310   Physical safeguards.
§164.312   Technical safeguards.
§164.314   Organizational requirements.
§164.316   Policies and procedures and documentation requirements.
§164.318   Compliance dates for the initial implementation of the security standards.
Appendix A to Subpart C of Part 164—Security Standards: Matrix

Subpart D—Notification in the Case of Breach of Unsecured Protected Health Information

§164.400   Applicability.
§164.402   Definitions.
§164.404   Notification to individuals.
§164.406   Notification to the media.
§164.408   Notification to the Secretary.
§164.410   Notification by a business associate.
§164.412   Law enforcement delay.
§164.414   Administrative requirements and burden of proof.

Subpart E—Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information

§164.500   Applicability.
§164.501   Definitions.
§164.502   Uses and disclosures of protected health information: General rules.
§164.504   Uses and disclosures: Organizational requirements.
§164.506   Uses and disclosures to carry out treatment, payment, or health care operations.
§164.508   Uses and disclosures for which an authorization is required.
§164.510   Uses and disclosures requiring an opportunity for the individual to agree or to object.
§164.512   Uses and disclosures for which an authorization or opportunity to agree or object is not required.
§164.514   Other requirements relating to uses and disclosures of protected health information.
§164.520   Notice of privacy practices for protected health information.
§164.522   Rights to request privacy protection for protected health information.
§164.524   Access of individuals to protected health information.
§164.526   Amendment of protected health information.
§164.528   Accounting of disclosures of protected health information.
§164.530   Administrative requirements.
§164.532   Transition provisions.
§164.534   Compliance dates for initial implementation of the privacy standards.