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Information on this page has been linked to actual HIPAA rules as published on the U.S Government Publishing Office.

Please click on the contents below to read actual HIPAA Rule.

Title 45Subtitle ASubchapter C → Part 160


Subpart A—General Provisions

§160.101   Statutory basis and purpose.
§160.102   Applicability.
§160.103   Definitions.
§160.104   Modifications.
§160.105   Compliance dates for implementation of new or modified standards and implementation specifications.

Subpart B—Preemption of State Law

§160.201   Statutory basis.
§160.202   Definitions.
§160.203   General rule and exceptions.
§160.204   Process for requesting exception determinations.
§160.205   Duration of effectiveness of exception determinations.

Subpart C—Compliance and Investigations

§160.300   Applicability.
§160.302   [Reserved]
§160.304   Principles for achieving compliance.
§160.306   Complaints to the Secretary.
§160.308   Compliance reviews.
§160.310   Responsibilities of covered entities and business associates.
§160.312   Secretarial action regarding complaints and compliance reviews.
§160.314   Investigational subpoenas and inquiries.
§160.316   Refraining from intimidation or retaliation.

Subpart D—Imposition of Civil Money Penalties

§160.400   Applicability.
§160.401   Definitions.
§160.402   Basis for a civil money penalty.
§160.404   Amount of a civil money penalty.
§160.406   Violations of an identical requirement or prohibition.
§160.408   Factors considered in determining the amount of a civil money penalty.
§160.410   Affirmative defenses.
§160.412   Waiver.
§160.414   Limitations.
§160.416   Authority to settle.
§160.418   Penalty not exclusive.
§160.420   Notice of proposed determination.
§160.422   Failure to request a hearing.
§160.424   Collection of penalty.
§160.426   Notification of the public and other agencies.

Subpart E—Procedures for Hearings

§160.500   Applicability.
§160.502   Definitions.
§160.504   Hearing before an ALJ.
§160.506   Rights of the parties.
§160.508   Authority of the ALJ.
§160.510   Ex parte contacts.
§160.512   Prehearing conferences.
§160.514   Authority to settle.
§160.516   Discovery.
§160.518   Exchange of witness lists, witness statements, and exhibits.
§160.520   Subpoenas for attendance at hearing.
§160.522   Fees.
§160.524   Form, filing, and service of papers.
§160.526   Computation of time.
§160.528   Motions.
§160.530   Sanctions.
§160.532   Collateral estoppel.
§160.534   The hearing.
§160.536   Statistical sampling.
§160.538   Witnesses.
§160.540   Evidence.
§160.542   The record.
§160.544   Post hearing briefs.
§160.546   ALJ’s decision.
§160.548   Appeal of the ALJ’s decision.
§160.550   Stay of the Secretary’s decision.
§160.552   Harmless error.